Welcome to my brand spanking new website! I will be posting blogs and excepts of my writing with as much frequency as I can muster and welcome all comments kind or constructive.

I hope you will enjoy everything here as much as I enjoy writing it, a little bit about me…(excuse the third person angle).

Anna hails from the (not so) quiet Welsh town of Haverfordwest. Graduating from East 15 Acting School in 2011, she soon realised that acting wasn’t for her. Not knowing where life might lead her next she quit her job and went travelling, blogging about her experiences as she went. On her return she fell into a job involving flowers and bossing people around, which suited her very well, whilst also penning frank blogs about living with anxiety, in her spare time.

Deciding that a new dream was on the horizon, she took the dream and spun it into something tangible, first performing an online course with Future Learn before embarking on a course with Faber Academy, run by Keith Ridgeway. Though admittedly still somewhat confused by the apostrophe, (blame it on dyspraxia) she has gone on to work on a collection of short stories which have been entered into competitions, two novels and continues to write about everyday anxiety on her blog Butterflies in my tummy (which will now be hosted on this site).