Back on track-ish


How was your week? I cannot get rid of this feeling of exhaustion at the moment, I blame it on the cold weather, although the last couple of days have been beautiful and spring-like which gives me hope.

I have published the next chapter of St. Joshua’s, I hope you like it! I know it might be a little fast paced for some, but I feel like for this story it is the right move. I am interested to hear if anyone feels differently.

I have seven subscribers! OK my husband is one of them, but I am pretty happy as this is still very new venture. That being said, please share and subscribe if you like what I have posted so far!  A newsletter will be going out later today’, so get subscribing! Please use the form at the right hand side of posts as this will sign you up for my mail-chimp newsletter.

My mind is amuck with thoughts at the moment, none of them coherent! Once I manage to order them sufficiently you may find a new blog here.

Have a lovely week all,


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