My first blog, I think, was a post to update my friends and family as I followed many of my generation and travelled the world! – South East Asia mostly. I found the process cathartic and when I felt that many of my inner dialogue specifically around my own mental health needed a place in the real world, I started a blog dedicated to it.  I take this opportunity to disclose that my blogs are pretty much a brain dump. Its possible they are mostly my diarised inner thoughts, rather than interesting topics for debate or contemplation. That said, as I have continued to write them over the years, I have tried to develop them into a format that is easier to read, with a structure and a purpose – that said, they’re definitely not perfect.

Please also forgive the mistakes, grammatical or otherwise, of past posts as I  was lazy and simply converted them rather than checked, edited and reposted here.

Anyway, I hope they bring enjoyment and not boredom! – Oh and a few vlogs, bear with me on these, I am a newbie!

For past posts please see the original Butterfliesblog

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