Something new that’s a little old

Happy Sunday!

I hope it is a relaxing one for everyone? I couldn’t decide what to post this week, more of St.Josh’s or another blog or something from Breathe or something entirely new. I went with the first chapter from Breathe. This is the first novel that I started writing some months ago, it is more progressed than St. Joshua’s and I think best suited to a Young Adult audience, but let me know your thoughts.

I have started writing a blog post but not getting very far, this usually means my heart isn’t in so potentially no blog this week.

I have also promised myself to enter a few writing comps this year, I have a deadline coming up at the end of the week for 5000 excerpt of ‘life writing’ and then one for a short story of 2000 words the week after so I need to get my brain into gear and decide what to do for these!

I hope you enjoy the first chapter from Breathe, I am very keen to hear any thoughts you might have so please do let me know!


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