This website is a space for me to electronically vomit words into the world.

When I was a child I spent years dreaming of life as a performer, no doubt fuelled by the classic (and some possibly obscure) films that my Mum and Grandparents fed to me. They were like magic on a screen and I felt empowered and emotes every time I watched. I went so far as to train for the screen and even gave it a go professionally for a while. That life, is not for me however, after a lot of contemplation and a nice little trip around the world when I dipped my toe into blogging, as a means to keep my family updated, and I decided to start blogging about my experiences with mental health. Originally located on good old Tumblr as Butterflies in my tummy (which will now be hosted on this site), I soon found the process of writing so cathartic, that I delved into the recesses of my imagination, realising that those films I loved so dearly as a child, I loved because of their stories and started to write short stories of my own.

I soon realised that I wasn’t as learned as I’d like to be in this regard, reading a tonne of books helps but isn’t the qualifier for an author, I decided to embark on a few writing courses with Faber Academy and Curtis Brown. I am definitely not there, but I am on my way, and I hope that if you are reading this, you will find the patience to help me get to a place where I may have a completed book. I am very much open to comments and amends for my stories, please send me an email over on the get in touch page. For the blogs, they’re the main culprits for thought vomit so I hope you can read them as they’re intended.

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