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There are no updates this week. Sometimes when things get heavy, life, work, thoughts, the best course of action is no course. I have been feeling exhausted and so in the interest of self preservation have had the weekend to myself to recover.

Yesterday I watched lots of films and snuggled on the sofa, I ate the food my soul needed and I slept and slept some more. Today I took myself for a walk despite the mental fug, and after a rebellious 12pm bath. I’ve been productive enough, cleaning and tidying, without pushing myself out from my self prescribed Anna time.

The point is, sometimes we need to remember to be kind to ourselves.

I hope to be back on track next weekend, or maybe sometime during the week if I am feeling crazy, with a new post or extract.

Blog wise I have been thinking over a few points, please let me know which you’d like me to explore next:

Stuck in the past vs change for change’s sake


The beginning is the best part of a story (for me)

Speak soon

Anna x

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