Here is where I have posted snippets of fiction that I have been writing, at this point, for a few years. I once heard Matt Haig say that he never has one idea that he thinks is his next book, he has several and whichever one carries him away the most is the one he develops. I am not sure if I have been carried away exactly, but then I am still learning.

Below is a synopsis of each story, insofar as they are the synopsis’ I have mapped out, they are subject to change as the writing unfolds.

St Joshua’s Academy

A life altering decision, a missing person case, teenage stress and fuzzy hair are all that our young heroin has to compete with in this anti-coming of age adventure:

Martha is quite happily living her best boarding school life thank you very much, she studies latin and music among other things and goes rock climbing in her spare time. Living quite happily that is until, her useless tethering partner lets her fall from the highest wall and she nearly dies. When she wakes up her life is teetering on the brink of changing forever and she must make a decision to fall into the fray or go back to a life that suddenly seems wholly unsatisfying. On top of that Jake, the useless fool responsible for nearly killing her, has gone missing and she knows that somehow she must find him before anyone finds out or things are going to get entirely worse. Oh, and she only has one week to do it and only her band of unruly breakfast buddies to help her in her quest.


Sophia moves to the big smoke in the hope that a fresh start will be transformative. But navigating a busy city and all that it entails may be too much for this small time girl with big dreams and an even bigger secret.

Note from me: This is my first work of fiction and possibly the one I find the most challenging. I wanted to write a story about how crippling anxiety can be everyday, and attempt to convey how damaging peoples attitudes can be. It has had more drafts than chapters at this point, but it’s there ticking over at the back of my mind.

Spirit of Arranfal

Death has come calling and Arianell is ready for the comforting quiet after a prolonged and mysterious illness. Whisked away before her heart has time to stutter its end, she finds herself held against her will in a land she has only dreamt about. Time moves differently, in fact everything is different and she soon realises she has little time to get back home and to her father before his timeline comes to an end.

A story that came to me in dribs and drabs and then suddenly aligned, I waver on the plot points still, but the characters and setting are the clearest of all my stories. Inspired by the Mabinogion and the clashes fantastical Arthurian legends, this story is set in the Wales I grew up in.

Disclaimer: All fiction is posted in good faith, and is my own intellectual property. Any resemblance to people or events are coincidental and not intended by me.

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