Week two and you can now subscribe!

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This week was another crazy week, but I doubt things are going to slow down any time soon so I will stop winging on about that. I had a really successful commute yesterday where by I managed to map out the plot for St. Joshua’s in it’s entirety! I also wrote some more and now have six chapters and ten thousand words which is very exciting.

I have decided to post the full chapters, one a week. The chapter’s are working out at under two thousand works each (give or take) so I hope this isn’t too much? Let me know if you preferred it when I simply posted one thousand words a week.

Read the next rest of of St. Joshua’s Chapter Two and please let me know your thoughts.

Also you can now subscribe! See the subscribe panel on the top right of the page and sign-up for email updates of my work, both my blogs and my fiction.

Have a super week

Anna x

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